Consult Y C Shukla

B.Tech, LLB, Jyotish Acharya (BVB, Delhi), Ex-Astt GM, Powergrid (India)

The  best Mentor / Problem Solver / Astrologer in India for the Senior Professionals of IT / MNC sectors, NRIs, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, CAs, Entrepreneurs, Govt Sectors.

Mr Shukla possesses not only the domain knowledge in Finance, Technology , Management and Astrology , he has vast experience spanning over 35 years in the field of Corporate working at a senior level for 25 years and 10 years as practising multi discipline consultant to professionals all over the world.

Understand your life equations to get better understanding of Self, Family, Kids, Money, Career, Stock Investment by discussing it over Zoom if you have your birth data available.

If you have any problem related to marriage, relationship, children , investment or you need a legal opinion before filing a divorce case , just go for a one hour Zoom session.

Discuss your problems with Corporate Troubleshooter, who has helped thousands of The Distressed Working Professionals in Last 10 years !.

Rated 5.0

Rated by 5000+ professionals in Last 8 Years  from USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Middle East and India.

Consult for any Complicated Life Issue. Get Valuable Life Insight for Better Decision-making.

Pre & Post Divorce Filing Counselling (India)

Discuss thoroughly if you plan to file or already filed for Divorce in India    in 1 Hour Zoom Call 

Languages: English / Hindi

Fee: Rs 2500

Followup Call: Rs 2500

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Career Counselling , Office Stress , Career Progression

Discuss Your Issues in 1 Hour Zoom Call (includes Horoscope Reading )

Languages: English / Hindi

Investment: Rs 3000 ( $100 USD for Overseas Calling)

6-8 Page PDF  for Horoscopes to be Provided


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Discussions Using Horoscope

Discuss Your Issues in 1 Hour Zoom Call 

Languages: English / Hindi

Fee: Rs 3000 ($100 USD for Overseas persons)

Followup Call: Rs 2500 ( $50 USD for Overseas Calling)

3-5 Page Horoscope in PDF  will be provided

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Relationship Discussion with Horoscope Matching

Discuss Your Issues in 1 Hour Zoom Call 

Languages: English / Hindi

Investment: Rs 3000 ( $100 USD for Overseas Calling)

6-8 Page PDF  for Horoscopes to be Provided


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Learn Right Timing for Profitable Stock Investment


Languages: English / Hindi

Investment: Rs 12000 ( $250 USD for Overseas Learners)

Time Investment: 3 Hours of Videos followed by 3 Zoom Sessions of 2 Hours Each, PDFs literature.

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Future Related Services (Muhurta, Life Span Calculations)


Languages: English / Hindi

Investment: Rs 2500 ( $50 USD for Overseas Clients ) Each Service

Time Investment: 1 Hour  Zoom and One PDF to be provided.

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About Y C Shukla​

Life Coach for Executives  &  Professionals

Life Coach Yashas Shukla, Believer in Behavior Based Astrology, has helped more than 5,000+ professionals and  NRIs in their personal and professional life.

Clients from India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Gulf Countries, UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Panama regularly consult him for his logical and practical advice suitable for their living conditions.

Being one of the Best life coach in India, he has been  regularly writing astrological essays and predictions on Quora.  He has an exclusive space in English Behavioral Astrology and in Hindi Tarkik Jyotish to answer various questions connected to astrology.

In 1998, he completed PG diploma in Management from IGNOU. In 2000, he attended 2 years course of Jyotish Acharya from prestigious Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi, run by World Renowned Astrologer Sh K N Rao. He also completed LLB while practising astrology in 2017.

After finishing his B Tech from Lucknow University in 1988, Mr Shukla worked at different positions in High Voltage Ac & HVDC Systems in NTPC & Powergrid Corporation of India. In his 24 years long Corporate Career, he underwent various training programs in prestigious technical institutes like IIT, CPRI, PSTI in India and overseas with ABB Sweden and in US HVDC Powerstations. He has also attended various management programs in Institutions like IIM, MDI and SEBI in HR, finance and stock market investing. He took voluntary retirement from Powergrid as Asst GM in 2012 end to start his online venture Now, he has become a leading Astrologer in India providing Consultation Worldwide.


Jyotish Alankar

Completed Jyotish Alankar Course from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi in June 2001.

Jyotish Acharya

Completed Jyotish Acharya Course from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi in June 2002.

 Medal By Sh KN Rao

Awarded Bronze Medal in Jyotish Alankar Course by Respected Sh K.N. Rao

Consultation Options

Who should go for this consultation?

The Behavioural Astrology Consultation Session is for the following audience:

  • Working professionals worried about their career, family and Wealth Management Issues
  • The Unmarried Professionals who are in the process of getting married and want a compatibility check
  • All the parents who are worried about the educational, career prospects of their teenage children

Why should go for this consultation?

The 1 Hour Zoom session is designed to discuss your Horoscope to:

  • Know the basic equations in horoscope made by the planets
  • Know your basic strength, weakness, opportunities and threats as per your Horoscope
  • Know the Time Line for future opportunities and Threats
  • Know how to maximise the return from good dasha period and how to survive in bad dasha
  • Get 1 hour interactive and informal discussion with Astrologer Y C Shukla at your convenient time

The one hour Zoom / Phone call by the best Astrologer in India can give you many insights about your professional and personal life, like handling various relationships in the family and seniors, subordinates in the workplace. 

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our happy clients have to say

Y C Shukla is a very professional astrologer in India, who gets back to his clients in a timely manner, which I appreciate. He was kind and compassionate in his approach and his analysis provided me with a roadmap and awareness of aspects in my life that are strengths as well as challenges. I would recommend his services for anyone looking to learn more about themselves and the beautiful process of self-discovery that comes along with analysis.
Sonya Sehgal
Psychologist from Toronto, Canada
My words of gratitude will not do enough justice for the patient counselling you had given. Your patience and perseverance in solving problems of clients reflect your compassionate and ethical attitude, which is sublime in comparison to business only attitude of some.And for Gen Y people like me who question veracity of fallacious astrological remedies, your behavior based solutions laced with logic are perfect answers. Your approach to analyzing problems and prescribing solutions, like exploiting our weakness as strength made me realize that real purpose of Jyotisha for benefit of all can be achieved if astrologers are like you. I feel optimistic after your counselling and I sincerely request your guidance and wisdom in future also.
M Teja
IT Engineer , Hyderabad
I would like to mention here that I could straightaway see the impact of your words when i followed your simple yet powerful suggestion that the only way you can handle this shani-dasha is to start enjoying it with humility - instead of fighting it - and shani would lose interest in tormenting you. After consulting the best astrologer in India, I could see discernible improvement in my day-to-day life.
V Gupta
Manager, Perth, Australia
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Stocks & Career Advice
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Teenage & Childern Education Advice

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Few Important Frequently Asked Questions on Astrology

Behavior Astrology is nothing but studying a horoscope of a person with respect to his past behavior and suggest changes required to make the habits and behavior aligned to strong points of Horoscope and avoiding the habits creating weak personality.

It is impossible to ascertain the effectiveness of remedy such as wearing a gemstone or doing some other Totka (Talisman). Reason is that, it can never be decided that a good time happened due to change in planetary situation or due to doing some remedy or wearing gemstone. I suggest proper conduct during a given planet’s dasha  or transit period in your individual situation. However, if you insist for gemstones wearing, that can also be told.

I suggest strategy to pass a difficult time as per prevailing planet’s dasha or transit in your given situation. For that, I understand your background in about 20 minutes. The advice is customised as per individual situation which is practical also.

Report in pdf is emailed in advance, which includes Lagna, Moon, Navansha charts, Dasha Tables, Ashtakoot Milan Table, Shani Transit Chart, Mangalik, Nadi dosha etc and comments or answers to any questions. 

Usually the consultation is completed within 24 hours of receiving the fee payment.

Persons below age of 18 are not advised to seek personal consultation. Free consultation are not feasible. If you want traditional remedies, then better seek a traditional astrologer. It would be better if you read my blogs, website and Quora link to understand the kind of consultation you would get. Basically, it is a consultation for working professionals in 21 to 60 age group.

After the first detailed consultation, usually one should go for annual follow up consultation if there are no urgent issues. It can be done earlier  in case of emergency or some critical decision-making.

Post consultation, you will feel optimistic and better prepared to deal with your issues as you know more inputs, time frame of the problem and its probable period, so you can make better strategy and therefore, get better results.

Based on my interaction with my clients, the best consultation is face to face Zoom or video consultation where your horoscope is discussed over the screen. I recommend that as it is interactive and covers lots of issues.
The next best is the phone (audio) consultation and the last one is the written reply for some specific questions. You need to ask for this separately as it can take more time and fee can vary in such cases.

Many times , couples in India get so much detached from their spouse that they start thinking about filing a divorce petition in the court and get trapped for years as their lawyer is promising them instant divorce , which never happens before 3-5 years .

In our pre divorce counselling, you can discuss the pros and cons , procedure , the time frame and likely scenario post divorce case filing and save yourself from many disappointments and expenses of the court procedure.

You can take this counselling even after filing the divorce to confirm if your lawyer is on right track or just fooling you .

Find Answers For Your Life Questions